Hello and welcome to The Followers Wiki Editing Policy;

All users of this Wiki are expected to follow these guidelines whilst editing here. Failure to do so may result in a block for some time. So, we ask that ALL USERS are wise when it comes to their editing.

  1. Users are allowed to edit reviews. However, they must provide a good reason for the change in the review. Failure to do so, may result in a ban and your edit will be reverted.Users must be clean (no bad language) in their views, this includes all content on The Followers Wiki. (This includes the discussions and blogs).
  2. If unsure about changing a review, please contact the AdministratorsDO NOT go ahead and edit.
  3. Don't start arguements, finish or join in an argument on the discussions. This matter will be resolved by the Administration Team.
  4. Don't throw profanity at users in any discussions or reviews.
  5.  DO NOT directly insult or include a bad member of any Wiki into your reviews or discussions. This will cause cross-wiki battles and is not accepted here.
  6.  DO NOT inpersonate another user/person in anyway. This will get you blocked and could be seen as fraud.
  7. DO NOT include quotes or anything else about the users of the Wiki review without their permission. If you have their permission, a screenshot must be taken and kept incase of such matters.

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