This is the official Chat Policy for The Followers Wiki. Users are asked to respect these rules at ALL TIMES. Failure to do so may result in a chat moderator from banning you from our chat for some time. We here at The Followers Wiki hope to provide a nice and settled community for all, allowing users to feel welcome here. This is the reason these rules are in place and MUST be followed. 

Chat Moderators, Who and What Are They?

Chat moderators are the supervisors of our chat. Their duty is to ensure that ALL of these rules are enforced. They are equipped with the ability to kick or ban someone from our chat. The time of the ban ranges from 2 hours to infinite. It is up to the chat moderator to decide which the right penalty for the wrong doing is. If anyone feels that they have been banned by mistake or unfairly, please. Feel free to contact an administrator. We will try to assist in any way we can. However, this does not mean that we will unban you from chat. Depending on why the ban is in place, the ban may indeed stay. 

Our Current Moderators

§  Meowingtons Brony

§  Codyn329

We are currently looking for more chat moderators, therefore administrators are indeed keeping an eye out.



Disruption in chat is deemed the purposeful action to annoy users in the chat. However, this does indeed include accidental disruption. The following actions are deemed as disruption:

Spamming - Spamming is deemed the unnecessary intentional or non-intention abuse of the chat posting system. The user repeats something over and over or constantly writes rubbish. For example: 'sdfiohsfoiahfoaihf', if someone was to post something like this in chat, they would indeed receive a warning. Depending on how long such spam is and the intensity in which you do so, you may also be banned from the Wiki for some time.

Flooding - Flooding is when a user is constantly within a short period of time, connecting and disconnecting to chat. Either due to internet issues or deliberate disruption. If this is indeed does indeed happen, the user will be asked to leave. Failure to do so will result in the user being banned. If this is an internet issue, the user is to report to an administrator when the issue if fixed, their ban will be taken away indefinitely. 

Roleplay - Roleplay is deemed acceptable in chat. However, NO SEXUAL roleplay is to take place in chat. If this does indeed happen, the user will be banned for some time, indefinitely. If the users must take part in such events, they are asked to do so in a Personal Message.

Language - English is the language of this Wiki. Therefore must be used, if a user comes and cannot speak English, they will be asked to use a translator by a chat moderator. Users should not do so; this is not your job. If the user fails to do so, they will be banned. Users are also asked to use English skills such as grammar and spelling to the best of their ability. So, there is no confusion and the chat continues moving swiftly.

Trolling - Trolling is the intentional act on irritating people in chat. Such behaviour will NOT be tolerated and you will be kicked. If such behaviour continues, a ban will indeed occur.

Invasions - Invasions are when masses of users join in a short period of time. Often linked from another Wiki or site. If this is indeed the case and the users are linked without administrative and/or the Wiki in questions permission, they all indeed be kicked from chat. Such users are welcomes to join in later.


Harassment is deemed anything that can upset the users of the chat. Ranging from simple name calling to full on bullying and is NOT tolerated. These are what deemed as harassment:

Racism - Racism is insulting or discriminating a user due to their colour, nationality or their culture. Such actions are NOT tolerated and you will be banned from chat.

Homophobia - Homophobia is seen as insulting users due to their sexual orientation. We here at The Followers Wiki welcome everyone. Such actions that make gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender and/or bisexuals uncomfortable due to comments or discrimination WILL NOT be taken lightly. 

Sexism - Sexism is deemed a stereotype to bully, discriminate or make users feel uncomfortable due to their gender. This is not tolerated and consequences of such actions will occur.

Mental & Physical Targeting - This is when a user is bullied due to their physical and/or mental state. Such action will not be taken lightly and you will be banned from chat indefinitely.

Social Targeting - This is when a user is targeted for their upbringing, intelligence, grammar and/or spelling.

Further Disruption - Sometimes in chat, further disruption happens which is indeed not listed in the policy. In which case, it is up to a chat moderator or administrator to give the warnings.

Sexual Content

Pornography - Pornography is not accepted when posted in chat. The poster will indeed be banned from chat. If such content must be shared, please do so in a Person Message and with the users permission.

Authoritive Rulings

Sometimes in chat, situations arise where the policy does not fully cover such behaviour. It is up to an administrator or a moderator to deem if it is indeed acceptable in chat. If it is deemed as wrong, the user MUST listen and if disagree, contact an administrator about such issues. 

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